Membership And Packages

Toxin Yearly Membership:

VIP Yearly Membership- Unlimited access to toxin at 10$/unit ( 300 minimum) 3$ per unit savings.  500$ down month 1 and 227.00/month for 11 months.

Premier Yearly Membership- Unlimited access to toxin at 12$/unit (150 minimum) 2$ per unit savings. 300$ down month 1 and 136.00/month for 11 months. 

The Feel Good IV Yearly Membership

VIP Yearly Membership- 4200$/Year for 24 IVs 175$ per IV ( 25-55$ savings per IV)

Premier Fountain of Youth Yearly Membership- 2400/Year for 12 IVs 200$ per IV ( 20-50$ savings per IV)

Total Body Transformation Yearly Membership

For those looking for a total body transformation from the inside out – 

Year long weekly access to EvolveX Transform combined with year long Semaglutide weight loss shots. When combined together, medication assisted weight loss and our body contouring system can help to achieve your desired results efficiently and safely. Weight loss can leave individuals with loose skin or stubborn areas of fat and starting the EvolveX Transform at the beginning of your weight loss journey will help to facilitate skin tightening, fat destruction and gain muscle. 

Standard pricing for year long EvolveX Transform weekly membership is $13,200, and monthly Semaglutide injections starting at 350.00 ( Depends on pharmacy). When combined in this package, you save 5% total, saving $855 – $885 annually. 

*That One Stubborn Area* Package:

Evolve X Transform 1-2 areas with MICC weekly injections. Tackle that stubborn body fat that just won’t budge with targeted EvolveX Transform treatments and facilitate fat burning with a weekly MICC shot. This package is great for someone who is already at their goal weight and is looking to treat a stubborn area of fat.

Normally priced at $3000-$4000 for the Evolve and $55/week for the MICC shot, you save 5% plus one complimentary shot. 

No Filter Needed/#NoFilter:
Want to love the skin you’re in and restore that youthful GLOW? This is your package! 

Ideal for fall and winter season, you get an IPL photo facial package of 3 (sessions spaced 4 weeks apart), 3 chemical peels (also spaced 4-6 weeks apart) and 6 dermaplane sessions (1 before each photo facial and chemical peel.) When purchased in combination at a value of $2670, you will save 10% off the package and receive one free post care cream ($85 value). 

The Ultimate Face/Neck Rejuvenation Package:

This year-long customized treatment package will include total face and neck rejuvenation throughout the year. Using multiple modalities, we will curate a 12 month individualized plan including the use of toxins, filler, RF microneedling, IPL photo facial, and biostimulators. This package also includes discounted medical grade skin care at 20%. Special discount and financing only available for this package. Consultation required. 

Since this is a non-surgical full face and neck rejuvenation, a full year commitment/treatment is required to achieve optimal results. 

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